Recitation of Surah Al-Waqi’a Full

Reading Al-Waqi’a in its entirety is highly recommended, especially at night, based on the hadith of the Prophet. In this particular hadith, it is elucidated that Surah Al-Waqi’a is a chapter associated with wealth, capable of bestowing rewards and financial benefits upon its readers.

Al-Waqi’a, also known as the Event, is the 56th surah in the Qur’an. Comprising 96 verses, it is frequently recited due to its profound content and the associated benefits it offers.

Surah Al Waqi’a Full

sur e waqia pdf

The verses of Al-Waqi’a provide insights into events centered around the afterlife (akhirah), following the thematic progression from the preceding chapter, Ar-Rahman. By highlighting the rewards of Paradise and contrasting them with the punishments of hell, this chapter categorizes individuals into three groups: “the foremost (Al-Sabiqoon),” “the companions of the right (Ashab al-Yameen),” and “the companions of the left (Ashab Ash-Shimal)”

Sur e Waqia Pdf

The righteous, associated with “the right,” receive rewards in paradise, while those on the left face the consequences of hell. Notably, the unique group labeled “the foremost” represents a diverse interpretation among Quranic commentators, ranging from prophets, saints, the truthful, martyrs, to early converts to Islam.

The profound significance of Surah Waqiah benefits believers in various aspects of their lives. Through its teachings on the afterlife, categorization of individuals, and the promise of divine rewards, Surah Waqiah benefits those who reflect upon its verses, providing spiritual enrichment and guidance.