Dua Before Starting Work

The subsequent verses convey a profound plea for contentment and blessings in one’s life journey, encompassing personal well-being, material wealth, and spiritual fulfillment. The supplicant implores Allah to grant satisfaction with the divine decree and seeks divine blessings on the designated sustenance.

This prayer is recited when you are about to leave home for work. It is intended to seek ease, smoothness, safety, and blessings in your endeavors, providing a spiritual foundation for a successful and protected journey to your workplace.

Dua Before Starting Work

Bismillahi ‘ala nafsi wa mali wa deeni. Allahumma raddini bi qada’ika wa barik li fi ma quddira li hatta la uhibba ta’jila ma akhkharta wa la ta’khira ma ‘ajjalta. Ameen.
In the name of Allah, for myself, my wealth, and my religion. O Allah, make me content with Your decrees and bless me in what You have ordained for me, so that I neither rush what You delay nor delay what You hasten. (Narrated by Ibn as-Sunni).

Initiating any endeavor with a heartfelt supplication is a tradition deeply rooted in many cultures and religions. The act of reciting a prayer, such as the one mentioned, serves as a humble acknowledgment of one’s dependence on a higher power. In this case, the introductory phrase, “Dengan menyebut nama Allah” (In the name of Allah), emphasizes the importance of invoking the name of the Almighty before embarking on any task.

This act of reciting a prayer before starting work is not merely a ritual but a mindful expression of gratitude and trust. By reciting these words, individuals aim to cultivate patience and acceptance of the unfolding events in their lives. The prayer also underscores the desire for a measured and well-paced journey, steering clear of undue haste or procrastination, and entrusting the timeline of events to the wisdom of the Creator.